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About Us

The Challenge

Today more than ever, hospitals are challenged by the dual responsibility of providing higher levels of care while simultaneously reducing costs. One solution to this problem is developing new and more efficient processes that create consistency and efficiency to protect the hospital from liability, and most importantly, to deliver the highest quality of care.

Our Strength

The Typenex® Medical advantage is connecting with our customers to understand their process needs, then to deliver simple, high-quality products that streamline workflows. Our strength is providing customers the help they need to make sure their process is successful. We think about efficiency and cost-effectiveness, along with patient safety and patient comfort, while providing a quality product. We thoroughly understand the invaluable nature of training and customer service.

Our Future

Our focus on enabling process informs all of our work at Typenex Medical. We will always seek to improve hospital processes to provide the best patient care possible. We at Typenex Medical are always searching for ways to increase efficiency. Our goal is simply to make processes better and to improve healthcare for all.

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