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R3™ Reattachment System

The R3™ band saves your facility the time and money spent by having to re-draw blood once a band needs to be replaced. Developed to be compatible with many Typenex® Medical products, the patented R3 Reattachment System is Typenex Medical’s solution to the challenge of relocating, resizing, or reattaching blood bands and alert bands.

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Features of the R3™ Band

  • Easy to use.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex.
  • Durable.
  • Compatible with all Typenex Medical barcoded blood bands.

Product Code

Product Code Color Band/Case Durability Detail
4R4700 White 60 Entire Patient Stay N/A
4R4701 Red 60 Entire Patient Stay N/A
4R4702 Green 60 Entire Patient Stay N/A
4R4704 Blue 60 Entire Patient Stay N/A
4R4705 Orange 60 Entire Patient Stay N/A

How to Use the R3™ Band

The R3 reattachment system is designed to be used with any Typenex Medical barcoded blood bands, including the:

  • Barcode Plus™.
  • CheckDigit®.
  • Flexi 2.1™.

When a caregiver needs to reattach a band, they simply grab the current band and cut off the portion of the band to the left and the right of each R3 slot.

The caregiver will then take an R3 band and slide it through the permanent openings. Now the label is attached to the R3 band, and the caregiver can reattach it by wrapping the band around an extremity and snapping it closed.

Because the R3 was created to slide underneath the patient information label, it helps ensure that caregivers can access the necessary information even after relocating the band.

Remember, it is best to complete this procedure in a controlled setting. Caregivers should complete all steps at the patient’s bedside.


Typesafe DFU

When used correctly, the R3 reattachment system makes relocating a blood band safe for everybody involved. Learn how easy and convenient the R3 Band is by reviewing the Directions for Use here. View Here