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Alert Band | DNR

Typenex® Medical DNR Bands alert caregivers that a patient has provided an end-of-life directive. When a caregiver sees the purple band, they know to check the patient’s chart for further information.

Information About DNR Alert Bands

The DNR Alert Band clearly identifies the patients who have a “do not resuscitate” order. The band is purple, the standard color for DNR Alerts in most states. The standard-colored band minimizes confusion and error for caregivers.


Our DNR Alert Bands help you ensure patient safety with:

  • A snap closure that is simple to secure.
  • Large letters so caregivers can easily read them.
  • An easily expandable option with the Typenex Medical R3™ band

DNR orders are important to recognize, and Typenex Medical Alert Bands make that process easy.

Product Code

Alert Band | DNR
Product Code Color Packaging
1ALERT06 Purple 500 units

How to Use a Typenex® Medical DNR Alert Band

The steps for applying a Typenex Medical DNR band are:

  1. Verify the patient’s end-of-life wishes using your facility’s protocols.
  2. Document the instructions in the patient’s records.
  3. Select the purple DNR Alert Band.
  4. Wrap the band around the patient’s wrist, and snap closed to secure.
  5. Cut off the extra band material with scissors.

With a Typenex Medical DNR Alert Band, you can help ensure that everyone who comes in contact with the patient understands their wishes. Contact a Typenex Medical representative to learn more.


Alert Band DFU

A DNR Alert is only effective if it is in place and secure. Make sure you review these illustrated Directions for Use for the Typenex Medical DNR Alert Band. View Here