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FinalCheck® Recipient Verification

Preventing blood transfusion errors can save lives. Unfortunately, in a busy hospital or blood bank, pre-transfusion patient ID verification occasionally gets skipped, forgotten, or miscommunicated. While such instances are rare, they can have serious and potentially costly consequences for the practitioners and facilities involved.

FinalCheck® provides a simple way to help eliminate the risk of critical errors in the transfusion process. FinalCheck uses a single-use lock that offers nurses, phlebotomists, and other practitioners a way to secure the unit of blood, helping ensure that it can only be opened by accessing a code printed on the intended recipient’s wristband.

Information About FinalCheck®

FinalCheck uses an innovative tracking system to help ensure accurate delivery of blood products. Here is how it works:

  • One part of an adhesive label is applied to the patient’s admission band. This label includes a four-digit code.
  • Another part of the adhesive label is applied to the specimen.
  • In the blood bank, a practitioner scans the code on the specimen label into the Laboratory Information System (LIS). This produces the same four-digit code as the one on the patient’s band.
  • The practitioner sets a single-use combination lock to the four-digit code and uses it to secure the blood component in a bag.
  • Upon receipt of the blood component, only the four-digit code on the patient’s wristband will open the bag with the blood unit.

FinalCheck’s unique combination-lock system means that errors in patient matchups are virtually eliminated. The use of barcodes and adhesive labels let the process happen quickly, with little opportunity for human error.

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Product Code

Product Code Color Units/Case Detail
C3000 N/A 100/case N/A
C3100 Red 3000/ream N/A
C3101 Green 3000/ream N/A
C3113* Blue 3000/ream 2 specimen tube stickers
C3200 Clear 100/case N/A
C3201 Clear 100/case N/A
C4678 Red 150/case with additional stickers

Key Benefits of FinalCheck®

Unlike manual patient identity verification processes, FinalCheck:

  • Is quick, easy to implement, and accurate.
  • Offers a backup system for the few occasions when a nurse or phlebotomist is interrupted during patient verification or hurried away by an urgent matter.
  • Can be scaled up or down to suit facilities of any size. When a facility decides to try FinalCheck, a representative comes to the facility to offer hands-on caregiver training and support.

When a facility decides to try FinalCheck, a representative comes to the facility to offer hands-on staff training and support.


To use FinalCheck…

  1. Apply the four-digit code label to the patient’s identification band.
  2. Place the barcoded sticker to the specimen tube.
  3. In the blood bank, scan the FinalCheck label into the Laboratory Information System (LIS).
  4. Set the FinalCheck lock using the code provided by the LIS.
  5. Place the blood component in a FinalCheck bag, and secure the bag with the combination lock.
  6. When ready to transfuse, identify the FinalCheck code on the adhesive label attached to the patient’s band.
  7. Use the code to unlock the FinalCheck bag.


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