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Flexi 2.1™

The Flexi 2.1™ Blood Band is made of a soft, flexible material, and it offers the necessary durability along with the comfort required for a long-term stay or outpatient scenario.

Information About Flexi 2.1™ Blood Band

As with any of the barcoded blood bands, the Flexi 2.1 comes with a blood bank identification number (BBID) that creates a physical connection between patient, transfusion tag, and blood component. Placing the BBID in the barcode allows blood bank staff to use a scanner to transmit it directly into the Laboratory Information System (LIS).

Additionally, the blood band has two options for forms for different transfusion protocols. You can either select the general form, which comes with more identification stickers, or the condensed form.

Flexi 2.1 Band and Form

Features of the Flexi 2.1™ Blood Band

  • A barcoded blood bank identification number (BBID) - Using a barcode with a BBID improves patient safety by eliminating data entry errors.
  • Easy-to-read prompts for patient information - Prompts are written in a large font that can quickly be read by caregivers.
  • Water resistant cover -The plastic covering keeps patient information legible throughout the patient’s stay, even with daily showering.
  • Two options for forms - Select the form that best fits your identification protocols.

Product Code

Flexi 2.1 Band and Form
Product Code Color Band/Case Durability Barcode Symbology
FLX974 Orange 200 Up to 7 Days N/A
FLX975 Blue 200 Up to 7 Days N/A
FLX976 Yellow 200 Up to 7 Days N/A
FLX977 Green 200 Up to 7 Days N/A
FLX978 Clear 200 Up to 7 Days N/A
FLX989 Red 200 Up to 7 Days N/A
FLX003 N/A 100 N/A GS1-128
FLX004 N/A 100 N/A GS1-128

How to Use the Flexi 2.1 Blood Band

The Flexi 2.1 is easy to use. You or a staff member simply:

  • Apply the patient information to the upper left-hand corner of either the General or Condensed form.
  • Detach an insert from the form. Then write the patient's information on the form, or adhere a pre-printed label to it.
  • Slide the insert into the band pocket.
  • Remove the liner from the adhesive flap.
  • Wrap the band around the patient’s wrist and snap it closed.

The Flexi 2.1 is now securely attached to the patient. Should you need to relocate it, use the Typenex Medical R3™ reattachment system. The R3 band makes it simple to resize and replace most Typenex Medical blood bands - a distinct benefit when dealing with mobile patients.

Whatever your challenges are, Typenex Medical works with your facility to meet them. Connect with us to learn how we deliver products that streamline your process.


Flexi DFU

Illustrated, step-by-step instructions are available here. Check them out and see how the Flexi 2.1 blood band can support your established protocols. View Here