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Every year, nearly 30 million people receive blood transfusions.

Typenex Medical makes blood bands designed to help provide the highest level of care possible. We understand that hospitals may have special considerations, such as:

  • A mobile phlebotomy system.
  • A focus on bedside pre-transfusion checks.
  • An emphasis on long-term, inpatient care.

Whatever the challenge, Typenex Medical has a blood band than can help improve efficiency while ensuring patient safety.

Typenex Medical Catalog
Orignal Blood Band

Original™ Blood Band

The Original Blood Band is a simple solution to the challenge of pre-transfusion identifications. Staff members respond to straightforward prompts by writing directly on the band.
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Barcode Plus

Barcode Plus™

Easy to read and durable, Barcode Plus Blood Bands eliminate the potential for human error when entering BBIDs into the Lab Disposables Information System. Choose from handwritten or preprinted labels.
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Our CheckDigit Blood Bands are designed to ensure that pre-transfusion checks happen at the patient's bedside. The CheckDigit barcode contains extra visible digits that are visible only when scanned at bedside before the transfusion.
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Flexi 2.1

Flexi 2.1™ Blood Band and Form

The Flexi 2.1 Blood Band is made from a flexible material and features a water-resistant pocket. This band is designed to withstand up to seven days of outpatient use.
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FinalCheck is a mechanical barrier system developed to ensure patients are correctly identified at the time of transfusion. Only the matching FinalCheck code on the patient's admission band can open the single-use lock.
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