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Original™ Blood Band

For over 30 years, Typenex® Medical has helped blood banks and hospital caregivers ensure the safety and comfort of transfusion recipients with the Original™ Blood Band. The first blood band designed specifically for transfusion patients, the Original Blood Band from Typenex Medical helps minimize errors by giving healthcare providers an objective method for coordinating patient and blood.

Information for the Original™ Blood Band

Sometimes complicated problems call for the simplest of solutions. When your hospital or blood bank selects the Original Blood Band from Typenex Medical, they are choosing an easy-to-use product that streamlines their processes without sacrificing their standard of care.

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Features of the Original™ Blood Band

Typenex Medical is dedicated to delivering products that support your unique procedure. Every Typenex Medical blood band comes with features and customizable options so you can be sure you are selecting the product that best fits your needs.

The Original Blood Band comes with:

  • Stickers containing a unique alphanumeric code.
  • Simple prompts for hand-writing patient information.
  • A self-cutting clip.
  • Colored options to fit your alert protocols.

Identifying the correct blood and recipient is vital to the health and well-being of your patients. Connect with a Typenex Medical representative to learn more about how our Original Blood Band helps keep patients safe.

Product Code

Original Blood Band
Product Code Color Band/Case Durability Detail
4R4608 Red 150 Up to 3 Days N/A
4R4609 Green 150 Up to 3 Days N/A
4R4610 Yellow 150 Up to 3 Days N/A
4R4611 Blue 150 Up to 3 Days N/A
4R4612 Orange 150 Up to 3 Days N/A
4R4613* Red 150 Up to 3 Days DOB Prompt

How to Use the Original™ Blood Band

Each Original Blood Band comes with a label for capturing patient information and stickers with an alphanumeric code to help ensure the right recipient ends up with the correct blood component.

  1. Verify the patient’s identity, in accordance with your facility’s established protocol, and hand-write their information on the label provided.
  2. Place a sticker on the specimen tube and any required forms creating a physical link between patient, transfusion tag, and blood component.


CheckDigit DFU

The Original Blood Band is easy to use. Check out the Directions for Use. View Here.