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AdminBand Laser

AdminBand Laser

AdminBand™ Laser and Labels help provide accurate and efficient patient identification by keeping patient data and barcodes safe. The band's design protects patient data without the need for a laminate overlay. Compared to other laser printable wristbands with an overlay, the AdminBand can help save time and money.

adminband laser


  • On average, AdminBand Laser saves approximately 4 cents per sheet compared to traditional laminate overlay wristband products.
  • Because AdminBand Laser does not have a laminiate overlay, there is little concern with overlay wrinkles or folds that a traditional laminate overlay may cause.
  • AdminBand Laser is compatible with comparable laser-printable ID products, reducing the need for any reformatting or IT assistance.
adminband laser


Typenex® Medical's AdminBand Laser is easy to apply quickly. The tamper-evident adhesive closure also helps ensure the band has not been removed and re-applied.

    Easy to Scan
  • Without an overlay, AdminBand Laser products offer confidence in the ability to scan without wrinkles or folds obstructing the scanability.
  • The entire length of the band is available for printing, which allows the user to scan the barcode without turning the band or the patient's wrist.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex, AdminBand Laser's materials are specifically engineered to protect patient data and barcodes from moisture and liquids.
    Adhesive-Free Edges
  • The sheets' adhesive-free edges allow for easy printing and reduce the risk of paper jams.
  • The band's smooth, soft material helps allow for increased patient comfort.

Information is based on manufacturer supplied data.