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FamBand™ | 4-Part

Each Typenex® Medical FamBand™ | 4-Part Identification Band System comes with an alphanumeric code that helps hospitals ensure every baby is where he or she belongs. By clearly connecting the baby to the mother and her significant other, the FamBand makes it easy for staff to follow protocols and maintain patient safety.

Features & Benefits

Every FamBand | 4-part system is:

  • Made from a soft material to help enhance patient comfort
  • Easy to snap close to facilitate ease of use
  • Marked with a unique serialized alphanumeric code to keep the family connected

Product Code

Product Code Color Packaging
1MFBB00 White 100 sets of 4

How to Use the FamBand™

The steps for using the FamBand are easy to follow. Simply:

  1. Identify the baby, mother, and significant other per your hospital’s established protocol.
  2. Write the patient information on the detachable insert cards.
  3. Slide the insert with the patient information into the band pocket.
  4. Attach two bands to the infant, one on the leg and one on the arm, per hospital protocol.
  5. Attach one band on the mother.
  6. Attach the final band to the significant other.
FamBand DFU


Using the FamBand | 4-part system is quick and simple. Take a look at our illustrated Directions for Use to see just how convenient the FamBand is. View here.