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Helix AC Laser L3

Helix AC Laser L3 | Adult

From the moment a patient walks into a hospital or healthcare facility, patient safety is a key goal. As a first step in patient care, a wristband is administered. A critical component of that care is being able to correctly size a wristband, and accurately identify the patient. The Helix AC Laser L3 by Typenex® Medical ensures the proper fit for patients by including an extender with each sheet for those that require a longer band. A laminate cover also protects patient information.

The ability to correctly size a patient’s band not only improves patient comfort, but it helps to meet these Joint Commission’s patient safety goals:

  • Improve the accuracy of patient identification
  • Improve the effectiveness of communication among caregivers
  • Accurately and completely reconcile medications across the continuum of care

Features & Benefits

The features of the Helix AC Laser L3 Adult help to achieve those goals

  • Streamline Admissions –Wristband and labels can be printed on a single sheet, eliminating the need for multiple printers and media
  • Durable –Extra protection of an over laminate keeps patient information intact
  • Secure –A tamper-evident adhesive closure helps ensure that each patient’s personal data remains secure
  • Patient Comfort – Soft, pliable material keeps the patient comfortable and assists the caregiver in a better patient experience
  • Cost Savings –Priced competitively compared to the other laser wristband sheets on the market

Product Code

Helix AC Thermal
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