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Smearsafe™ offers a simple, seamless way to dispense a drop of blood from a tube. In a matter of seconds, a lab technician can insert Smearsafe, collect the required blood, and dispose of any unwanted components without ever removing the septum of the tube.

Information about Smearsafe™

Smearsafe works like this:

  • Holding the tube upright, insert the Smearsafe cannula into the lid of the tube.
  • Invert the tube onto a glass slide or other receptor.
  • Press down the Smearsafe head into the glass slide to produce a drop of blood.
  • Remove the tube, and discard the Smearsafe component or the entire tube.

The technician can easily control the size of a drop of blood by varying the pressure and speed at which the tube is pressed into the slide. Also, Smearsafe is clear in color to help technicians better monitor the amount of blood transferred.

Key Benefits of Smearsafe™

Ideal for labs of all sizes, Smearsafe helps improve safety and efficiency by offering:

  • Single-use components sold in 1,000-unit cases.
  • A quicker and safer blood dispensing method than applicator sticks and capillary tubes.
  • A simple way to get consistently sized blood drops.
  • A time-saving alternative to removing a tube’s lid for every collection.
  • A clear design to help staff monitor the amount of blood transferred.

Product Code

Smearsafe Smearsafe
Product Code Color Unit/Case
C1000 Clear 1000


When using Smearsafe, lab technicians should always wear gloves. For best results, follow these directions:

  1. Ensure that the tube is cap-side-up when using Smearsafe.
  2. If using a tube that has been previously opened, verify that the cap has been completely sealed to avoid unwanted spillage.
  3. Holding the Smearsafe cannula parallel to the specimen tube, insert the cannula into the tube septum until it is no longer visible.
  4. Invert the specimen tube over a glass slide so the Smearsafe is positioned in the middle of the slide.
  5. Press gently down until a blood drop of the desired size appears on the slide.
  6. When the drop appears, ease pressure on the tube and draw it away.
  7. Discard Smearsafe in a sharps medical waste container. (It can be discarded after being removed from the tube or with the entire tube.)


Smearsafe DFU

Review these illustrated Directions for Use so you can maintain patient comfort and safety. View Here.

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