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How to Use Typesafe®

Typesafe® is a single-use device that makes it easy for lab technicians to complete pre-transfusion type and cross procedures while minimizing the risk of spills and breakage. Typesafe allows lab technicians to get a sample typed and matched with fewer steps and greater safety.

Steps for using Typesafe:

  1. Place the narrow end of Typesafe into the test tube.
  2. Insert the blood segment into the Typesafe device.
  3. Press until the needle punctures the blood segment.
  4. Let blood flow from the segment into the specimen tube.
  5. Discard the blood segment and the Typesafe device into a medical waste container.

With Typesafe, healthcare workers do not need to cut the segment anymore, which allows them to become more efficient in cross-matching samples. More importantly, with Typesafe, they are less likely to face exposure to the patient’s blood.

Typesafe - Segment Sampling Device


Typesafe DFU

Proper use is essential for protecting lab workers from blood exposures. Check out these easy-to-follow Directions for Use for Typesafe here. View Here.

Product Code

Typesafe Typesafe
Product Code Color Unit/Case
TS500 Green 500
4R4750 Green 1000

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