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Universal Tube and Cap

The Typenex® Medical Universal Tube | 12 ml and Universal Cap are designed to be used in manual urine microscopy procedures. The tube facilitates the holding, transporting, and analyzing of the urine, while the cap prevents spillage in the lab.

Features & Benefits:

  • Universal - The Universal Tube and Universal Cap can be used in manual urine microscopy procedures and may also function as a centrifuge tube.
  • Easy to Use - Easy-to-read millimeter markings allow for increased accuracy.
  • Safe - The cap securely fits onto the tube and prevents spillage in the lab.

How to Use:

  1. Fill the Universal Tube | 12ml with urine to the desired graduation.
  2. Snap the cap onto the tube if needed.
  3. Perform urinalysis per your facilities protocol.

Note: The Universal Tube | 12ml is compatible with the Kova® Urinalysis Kit. Kova is a registered trademark of Kova International.

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Universal Tube
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