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Big Foot Quiet

Big Foot Quiet

According to AORN Guidelines, “Noise is a distraction that interrupts patient care and potentially increases the risk for error.10 Noise may minimize the ability to communicate effectively, make it difficult to understand content, and contribute to miscommunication.1, 11 Distractions and noise must be managed to maintain the focus on patient and workplace safety.”

The Big Foot Quiet from Typenex® Medical, our quieter solution to floor suction, will help you meet AORN guidelines. An enhanced version of our Big Foot Suction Disc, the Big Foot Quiet has an absorbent layer on the underside of the disc. This feature mitigates unwanted noise and helps effectively vacuum fluid off the floor. The result is a quiet, dry, and clean operating room.

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Features & Benefits

  • Quiet – The bottom padding helps eliminate disruptive noise that can interfere with vital communication between clinicians.
  • Suction + Absorption – The absorbent padding on the underside of the disc acts as an acquisition layer, helping to catch and contain fluid before suctioning.
  • 16 Suction Ports – Many ports are distributed across the device to maximize liquid removal.
  • Sleek Design – The side port connection to tubing allows for ease of maneuverability across the floor to address areas of high fluid volume.
  • Compatibility – The Big Foot Quiet connects to any standard operating room suction system with a simple tubing attachment.

Product Code

Big Foot Quiet
Order Number Description Color Unit/Case
FM0301Q Big Foot Quiet Suction Disc Black/White 40