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Absorbent Floor Mats

Absorbent Floor Mats from Typenex® Medical are a simple solution for floor fluid management. By offering two mat options, our Absorbent Floor Mats deliver the safety and flexibility healthcare practitioners need when working in the operating room.

The first option is the Waterproof Backsheet, which is a floor mat that can be placed on the operating room floor before a case begins. Once in position, the Waterproof Backsheet grips to the operating room floor to prevent your caregivers from slipping as they move around the room. The mat absorbs fluids that can reach the floor during a case, which further improves safety and streamlines cleanup protocols.

The second option is the Double-Sided mat. This mat soaks up fluid on both sides and can be used at any point. Because the Double-Sided mat is perforated, it is easy for you to create the size and shape that best suits your needs and to reduce product waste.

Typenex Medical's Absorbent Floor Mats remain flat, despite the large amount of fluid they can absorb. Our Absorbent Floor Mats make it easier for surgical teams to move around quickly and safely.

Features of Typenex® Medical’s Absorbent Floor Mats

Our Absorbent Floor Mats deliver maximum flexibility in floor fluid management. We provide two options that let you select the appropriate size, shape, and number of mats for your specific usage needs.

Key features of the Waterproof Backsheet Mat include:

  • 11 square feet (3 x 3.75 feet) of coverage.
  • An absorbent top-sheet material that retains a large amount of fluid.
  • A waterproof underside that grips to the floor and keeps the floor dry.

Selecting the Double-Sided Mat gives you:

  • 11 square feet (3 x 3.75 feet) of coverage.
  • An absorbent material on both sides to aid in fluid absorption and retention.
  • A modular format that lets you determine the size of the mat you need.

The Waterproof Backsheet and Double-Sided Mats can be used together or separately. Typenex Medical’s Absorbent Floor Mats result in:

  • Less time spent on cleanup.
  • Faster turnover times in the operating room.

Typenex Medical understands the importance of efficiency in your operating room protocols. Contact a representative for more information about our Absorbent Floor Mats.

Product Code

Floor Mat
Order Number Description Color Size Mats/Case
FMB30 Double-Sided Blue 36” x 44” 30
FMBP30 Waterproof Backsheet Blue 36” x 44” 30