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Operating Room Products

Every surgical case requires a carefully orchestrated combination of team members and protocols to ensure that the procedure runs smoothly. From the moment the surgical technician lays out the sterilized instruments until the dedicated housekeeping crew finishes the terminal cleaning procedures, each team member plays a very important role in the success of the procedure.

One vital aspect to this success is the cleanliness and safety experienced by both the patient and surgical team in the operating room.

Typenex® Medical supports your efforts to minimize cross-contamination and to maintain patient safety with products that assist in the efficient turnover of your operating room.

Typenex Medical Catalog
Floor Mats

Absorbent Floor Mats

While every facility has a process for cleaning fluid on the operating room floor, Typenex Medical has an absorbent product that helps achieve a clean and dry working environment. Our Absorbent Floor Mats are customizable, so you can select the right size for each case and thus minimize product waste.
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Big Foot Suction Disc

Big Foot® Suction Disc

Typenex Medical's Big Foot Suction Disc provides an additional option for managing fluid on the operating room floor. The unique, low-profile design quietly vacuums fluid without interrupting communication between clinicians.
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String Mop

String Mops

Each of our single-use String Mop Heads comes individually wrapped, so your caregivers can be sure that each mop head poses no risk of cross-contamination and helps your facility reduce laundry costs and hassles.
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After a successful surgery, it is common for patients to feel nauseous and even vomit unexpectedly. EmesEase™ Emesis Bags help ease patient and clinician pain points by providing an easy-to-use solution that effectively captures and contains any fluid.
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