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PowerOne Microfiber Mops

PowerOne | Microfiber Mop

PowerOne Microfiber Mops help support your cleaning processes by providing a mop head that utilizes powerful and absorbent microfiber technology. The Association of Operating Room Nurses recommends microfiber cleaning products as a way to follow best practice guidelines for 2015.

Key Features of Microfiber Mops

PowerOne Microfiber Mops provide multiple benefits to you and your caregivers, including:

  • Microfiber technology - Dense microfiber material can absorb up to six times its own weight for an effective scrub and clean.
  • A light weight option - Microfiber mops are much lighter than many other mopping solutions, and they require less cleaning solution, which eases the physical strain while cleaning.
  • Reduce waste and costs - Due to the design and technology of microfiber material, less water and fewer cleaning chemicals are required per use.

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Product Code

PowerOne Microfiber Mops
Order Number Description Mop Heads/Case Color
MMB150 PowerOne Microfiber Mop 150 Blue