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String Mops

Information About String Mops

Typenex® Medical’s String Mops are a simple, cost-effective choice for terminal cleaning. Because each mop head is individually packaged and used only once, they help to follow the Association of Operating Room Nurses 2015 recommendations to use single-use mop heads.

Key Features of String Mops

Typenex Medical String Mops provide multiple benefits to you and your caregivers, including:

  • A disposable mop head - This design not only helps to reduce concerns about cross-contamination, but it also reduces laundry costs.
  • A light weight option - Choose between a 10 oz. and a 16 oz. size without losing absorption capabilities.
  • Individual packaging - Ensure healthcare practitioners and patients that the new mop head is clean and ready for use.
  • A hands free, quick-release handle. The no-touch disposal method helps improve infection control.

Product Code

Strin Mop
Order Number Description Color Weight Mop Heads/Case
SMW1024 String Mop Head - 10 oz White 10 oz 24
SMW1618 String Mop Head - 16 oz White 16 oz 18
SHG1 String Mop Handle Grey N/A N/A