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Wound Drainage

Wound Drainage

A closed wound drainage system can assist in the recovery process and is often patient or procedure-specific. Comprised of a long silicone tube that inserts into the wound site, a closed wound drain is connected to an external reservoir where the exudate is drained and collected. This helps to protect the surrounding skin, contain microorganisms and reduce the frequency of care.

Typenex® Medical offers an extensive closed wound drainage portfolio. With over 40 products comparable to JP and Blake Drains, you can find the specific drain that fits your needs. Kit packaging is also available – purchase a drain, evacuator, and trocar together for efficient utilization.

  • Fluted Drains feature channels that make up the inserted portion of the drain to assist with drainage.
  • Perforated Drains contain holes along the length of the drain to provide effective drainage.
  • Bendable Trocars are uniquely designed to bend per the clinician’s preference to more precisely thread a drain into its targeted area.

Top Product Codes

Line Number Description Units/Case
WD0504B 19 FR Round Full Fluted, with Bendable Trocar 10
WD0503T 15 FR Round Full Fluted, with Trocar 10
WD0402 10 mm, Flat, Full, Perforated 10
WD0401 7 mm, Flat, Full, Perforated 10
WD0101 100 cc Bulb Evacuator 10
Blake® is a registered trademark of Johnson & Johnson Jackson-Pratt® is a registered trademark of Cardinal Health Jackson-Pratt® and Blake® drains are not manufactured for Typenex® Medical. The above product offerings from Typenex Medical are replacement products for the aforementioned brand names.

Our product offerings include:

  • Flat Perforated Drain Perforated Drains (JP® Drains)
  • Flat Perforated Drain Fluted Drains (Blake® Drains)
  • Flat Perforated Drain Bulb Evacuators
  • Flat Perforated Drain Kits (one drain and one bulb)